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Property Management

What Sets Us Apart?

As hands-on agents, we like to be involved in all aspects of the management and leasing of your property.

Our team have grown up on the Northern Beaches so we know the people, property and area very well.

This, combined with our unique approach to choosing tenants and maintaining your
property will ensure you get the best possible tenants and a dedicated team
you can really count on.

Brilliant Personalized Service

  • Utopia has been in business for over 7 years
  • We help you get your property ready for leasing.
  • Fast listing of your property for lease <1 week.
  • Quality Photos that make your place look great.
  • Quality tenants that look after your place.
  • Showing your property whenever prospective tenants want to view it.
  • Excellent tradespeople. I do not charge you extra on top of their costs.
  • We have a dedicated team looking after your property.
We understand that no tenant = no income so we will always strive to find great tenants fast.

We are always available to deal with property maintenance issues, and we know how to look after your tenants, so they look after your property

Is your property being managed by another agency?

If your current Real Estate Agent is not giving you the service you deserve (and pay for) or you think it is time for a change? You can do something about it. It's simple and you don't have to wait for the current lease to expire!

Simply follow these easy steps, then we can look after you instead, with our exceptional property management service.

First check the 'Exclusive Management Agency Agreement' you have with your current agent (this is the contract you signed when you first employed the agency), find out if you need to give them 30 or 60 days notice to assign a new agent, then proceed to the next step. Contact us by Calling Adrian on 0406 568 344 and he will send you a new 'Exclusive Management Agency Agreement' to sign, along with a transfer letter. Simply insert the relevant "notice time" into our transfer letter template and forward it to your current managing agent.

Then relax and let us give you a level of service that will exceed your expectations.

Responsive Property Management

We respond to ALL prospective tenant enquiries on the same day we receive them, regardless of the method of enquiry. Prospective tenants are taken to your property asap.

We make a viewing time with the tenant straight away and get them through as soon they are able. We get to know the tenants and have a good relationship with them to avoid communication issues. We understand property management, and property issues don't always happen 9-5. We have a very diligent tenant screening process, and we only lease properties to people who meet our strict requirements.

We carry out thorough routine inspections of your property and provide you with an accurate report with photos. Properties under our management look like homes, not rentals!