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Since 2013 Utopia Real Estate has operated as a boutique real estate agency for the Northern Beaches. Our passion is your property, which in turn gives you a great result. Our clients regularly tell us that we have been a pleasure to deal with and are always happy to recommend us. We look forward to serving you in the same manner.

Your home is your most valuable asset. Make sure you get the most from it when you sell. Selling and Leasing a property can be hard work. That is why we have put in place systems that put you in control so that you stay well informed at every step of the sales process, ensuring you get a great result.

When leasing a property we specialise in finding the right tenant the first time. This involves personal interviews and building a relationship with the tenants before they move in. We would rather take a little more time and effort to make sure you have tenants that match the property and treat it as you would. This gives my customers great peace of mind.

What We Do